3 Mistakes in social media marketing…


You order things online and it takes way more time to arrive than it should. Plus, a few items are missing within the package. Frustrated, you take to the vendor’s Facebook channel to voice your concerns and expect to be compensated.

And despite repeated prodding, there’s complete radio silence at the other end.

The experience didn’t feel good, did it? you think maybe this business doesn’t care about you – how you trusted it to give you a good experience and it shattered this trust instead. 

For social media strategists, there is a lesson to be learned here.

As a business owner, social media gives you limited chances to make a good impression. How you take advantage of these changes might make your business or break it.

  • 42% of Twitter users expect to expect a business to respond to their inquiries within an hour.

Being careless with feedback

If you’ve got ever dealt with a salesperson, you would not expect him to become defensive when you have a complaint or be careless about your concerns.

So why would your followers on social media?

For businesses, this is a nail-biting scenario. But it’s avoidable. Here is how:

Experienced professionals like social media experts will take an unbiased approach to the negativity and know that being careless about it serves no purpose.

 A well-worded reply on the opposite hand, helps both your reputation and appeases rising tempers.

Using social media management tools to schedule the same posts on all platforms

Social media management tools allow marketers to post the same content on several social media platforms directly. Many businesses use it to schedule posts. And it’s worked for them too, freeing up the time they need to focus on other tasks.

But oftentimes, people use these tools as a shortcut to schedule the same posts on several platforms.

Skimping on social share buttons

Content like informative articles, for example, establish them as experts in their niches.

It also gives visitors a chance to stay longer on these websites.